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Feb 02 2011

Highs and Lows – 2/2/11

Highs: third period came trickling into today due to the 2 our delay. They were the best they’ve ever been in awhile. They sat and listened, They answered questions, they got it right. During independent practice, Anthony kept asking, “can we do one more?” “Can we keep going?”. It was amazing.

Lows: My principal asking me what’s come of the honors chem plans, saying that they need to be differentiated from the regular chemistry. Well, it’s hard to do when there are no resources for honors classes in this this district. It’s doubly hard when the teacher is required to find this curriculum. It’s triply hard with the group of honors students I have (who were showcased in the “Highs”) can’t stop talking and pay attention. He agrees so he suggests shuffling my chemistry classes. I say that I am strongly against this and he argues with, “Well, they want to see a different class.” “Whoever THEY are need to give me resources and tell me how to do it because you and I both don’t know” I am a teacher.

From an email I received today, for only the Academy leads but sent to the whole school:
“The Title One book is being updated and formatted and must be
submitted for review to …. to….. to….I have NO clue who reviews
it but I know it needs to be reviewed.
Anyway, we need CPT minutes. Agendas or minutes need to be forwarded
to me (asap :)). Thanks so much! Feel free to print it out if you
want. Otherwise, I can print it out here in the big guy’s office.”
What is this book? The TEACHERS who keep track of their agendas and minutes are TEACHERS, not secretaries.

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